MyTech: HTC Rezound

I currently sport the HTC Rezound as my main phone. Check out Droid-Life for a full review.

Rezound Loves <3

-Best Camera Phone on Market!
– 8 MP, but the light senor is what makes pictures feel alive
– Panoramic Picture ability Built on device
– Front Facing Camera. like tango?

– 1.5 Dual GHz / 1GB Ram (faster then my computer 6 years ago)
– 4G LTE (faster then my home cable internet)

-HTC Exclusives!
-5GB of dropbox storage
– Beats Technology
-Comes with a Beats Headset
-Sense /Lock Screen

Rezound Drawbacks ):

-Decent Battery Life  (why HTC puts shitty batteries in their awesome phones?,  I dont know.)

-Bulky Compared to other similar  smartphone

-HTC bluetooth doesnt allow me to connect my wii controller to it so i can play games.

-Not enough drawbacks to make me not like this phone.

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