MyTech: Droid DNA by HTC

Lets face it, The Droid DNA is basically the sequel to my previous phone, the HTC Rezound. Everything I loved about the Rezound is still there with double specifications.  So why wouldn’t I love this phone?

Droid DNA Loves <3

– Best Display on the Market! 1080p resolution!
– Front Camera has WIDE camera lens letting me see more around me.
– Built in NFC and Wireless Charging!
– Android JellyBean 4.1 + Google Now!

– 1.5GHz QUAD core CPU / 2GB Ram (faster then my computer 6 years ago)
– 4G LTE (faster then my home cable internet)

-HTC Exclusives!
– Beats Technology
– HTC ImageChip
– Sense /Lock Screen

Droid DNA Drawbacks ?

– No Removable Battery.  I thought this would be a deal breaker for me, but after using the phone for about a week I noticed standby time battery life was doubled from what I was getting on my Rezound making not having the removable battery not as big of a deal. especially since portable battery/juice packs are getting more common and convenient now days.

– Size? a tad bigger then my Rezound, but smaller then the beast known as the ‘NOTE’.  Fits in my pocket just fine so not a huge problem, however your pockets maybe smaller.

– No Removable Memory.  Its bad because I know I can never increase the memory once its full or nearing full. Its not that bad because most of the photos and video I take on my phone gets automatically backed up to the ‘cloud’ like dropbox and i’ll probably never need expanding. Its good because now I have piece of mind that if my phone ever gets lost or stolen no one can take my memory card out of my phone and enjoy my data. 🙂

– Drawbacks not big enough drawbacks to make me not like this phone. XD

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