Who has the Largest/Fastest 4G network?

Facts as of May 2012

Verizon states they have the largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

AT&T states they have 2000 more 4G cities and towns then Verizon.

T-Mobile also states they have the largest 4G network.

First Questions you should ask… What is 4G?

  • LTE =  Fastest 4G service / New Global Standard
  • Wimax = First 4G tech rollout. only sprint and clear use.
  • HSPA+ =  Super powered 3G Tech running comparable First Gen 4G speeds

Facts from each carriers website with links!

so how did AT&T get 2000 more cities then verizon? It must be 2000 small cities.

Then we have T-Mobile claiming to be the largest 4G network. However on AT&T’s own website, they state AT&T covers ‘nearly’ 250 million people. That is 30 million more people covered then 220 million that T-Mobiles own website claim they cover.  Unless AT&T’s ‘nearly’ claim actually means 220 million people and then they would be equally as large as T-Mobile.  How are they capable of advertising like this?  I don’t even.

If you want the fastest 4G, then 4G LTE is the future and will only get faster and faster as the years pass. If you don’t live in a current LTE market, then you may want to look at whats currently best in your area.  However Verizon did say that 4G LTE coverage will eclipse its own 3G network by the end of 2013 and is set to do so at the pace they’ve been expanding.

but in the End, Its where you live that matters. If LTE  or any 4G service isn’t in your home or workplace, then it obviously wont be the fastest or the best option.

Here is a comparison chart of Wireless data technologies at peak performance.

Verdict: 4G LTE is the future.