I look at myself as a pretty tech savvy person. I like to have the newest and greatest gadgets and most time they are never cheap.  Since I have invested soo much time and money on them, I would like to share my tech eye candy with you.

My Tech:


Computer: Custom Rig

Phone: Moto Z Force

Tablet: LG Gpad 8.3x

Videogame: Xbox 360**

Camera: Nikon J3


Music Speaker: Bose SoundLink III

Hands Free: LG Tones Platinum

Headphones: Beats Solo 3 Wireless

TV: Chromecast

Home: Canary Security

Smartwatch: Moto 360

Fitness: Fitbit Charge HR 2

Previously Owned Tech:

Phone: HTC Rezound

Phone: Droid DNA by HTC

Phone: Droid MAXX by Motorola

Phone: Galaxy Nexus

Tablet: Droid Xyboard

TV Accessory: Logitech Revue

Hands Free: Moto Buds

Fitness: Fitbit Force

*because can
**I dont play very much now days, steam is where its been.  havent played much of any lately.  only clash of clans lately.