I like fish


Having all these wonderful water friends requires a lot of work.  Twice a week, I do water changes to maintain the quality of the water so I always have happy healthy fish.

My Water Friend Species:

-Geophagus Altifron ‘Tocantis’
-Myleus Shomburgkii (Thin bar Silver Dollar)
-Myleus Rubripinnis (Red hook Silver Dollar)
-Metynnis Argenteus (Common Silver Dollar)
-Myleus Shomburgkii (Wide bar Silver Dollar)
-Heros Efasciatus (Green Severum)

-Heros Severus (Red Severum)
-Heros sp. Rotkeil (Red Shoulder Severum)
-Semaprochilodus Insignis (Red Flagtail)
-Aequidens Rivulatus (Green Terror)
-Chalceus Macrolepidotus (Pink Tailed Chalceus)
-Hypselecara Temporalis (Chocolate Cichlid)
-Cleithracar Marnoii (Keyhold Cichlid)
-Mesnoauta Festivum (Festivum Cichlid)
-Hoplarchus Psittacus (True Parrot Cichlid)
-Aequidens Metae (Yellow Acara)

and this is a old old video:

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